I make durational performance rituals in spaces that are outside and in, embracing the power of the feminine wild, the queer body, magic, and multi species connection as a social and political force. Thinking and dancing with, I entangle myself within different ecologies of matter, creating or responding to nonlinear (his)stories shaped by the exchange of unbound earth bodies. I desire to move through, under and outside dominant patriarchic and hierarchical systems of though, behavior and epistemes. In my videos I reflect and convey the lived and intimate exchange between different earth bodies I come across including; decomposing leaves, water creatures, birds, sheered hay and rumbling cars. Drawing from the visual language of painting, symbolism, Nordic myth and postmodern dance I emphasise the affective qualities of each exchange. Imagining and speculating in the space that, Donna Haroway calls a, “elsewhere that was, still is, and might yet be”,


Born in Philadelphia USA, raised on a peninsula on the Oslo Fjord in Norway, Elly currently splits her time between Brooklyn, NYC and Boston. She holds an MFA from the School of The Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. Through a practice based in movement, both physical and affective she investigates histories, behaviours and narratives grounded in land and water . Her practice is rhizomatic and collaborative performance, video, photography and installation to disrupt visual narratives and norms concerning interaction and relations with the environments and the beings within. Recently her art has been shown at The Boston Museum of Fine Arts ( USA), Gallery Autonom (Oslo/Norway),  LA Convention center(USA), piano Craft Gallery (USA), Open Out festival in Tromsø (Norway) and in Bozeman, Montana (USA) . She currently teaches Video in the media arts department at The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts in Boston.